The art of light


Uplighting or sometimes referred to color wall washing is an incredible effect.  A venue can be dramatically changed in an instant by simply changing the colors of the wall. 


Black Lights

Black lights produce the Ultra-violet light.

Ultra-violet reacts with neon color making them pop with color. These lights are what we use at Glow Parties. 

Neon Painted Face


Strobe lights are designed to fool the human eye into making motion stop of dancers on a dance floor. Be warned though, they can cause seizures. 

Dance Floor Blur


Lasers are a pretty cool effect if you use ariel fog or haze. The laser beam consists of thousands of pinpoints of light that are invisible until they hit an object. Thousands of beams can be seen as as they pass thru fog.

Disco Club

Derby Lights

Derby lights are a mobile Dj must have light. They are compact but create a flurry of light beams in fog and spots all over the wall and dance floor. They can easily create a club atmosphere at any venue.


Moving Heads-lights

We use a variety of moving head lights. The either use Par heads or Gobo Heads. Some use a single light or as many as 8 lights in one unit. With the use of ariel foggers large beams of colorful light can be created.


Gobo Lights

Gobo lights use film overlays that create designs. Most of the lights can either change the gobos automatically or can be programmed. 


Par Lights

Par lights are a basic light designed to color wash the dance floor or venue walls. Modern versions have the ability to be programed to strobe, fade, and color change.

Colored Theatre Lights